What is Park Hop?
Park Hop is a free, summer-long scavenger hunt developed in partnership with all Greater Greenville County & Spartanburg County Parks & Recreation agencies. . This scavenger hunt encourages children and families to discover featured parks while searching for answers to clues within each park. The more parks you visit, the more prizes you can earn !

How can I sign-up to participate in Park Hop?
Registration is Now Open. Download the mobile application to access all of the 2023 Park Hop Clues.

How do I submit my clues?
Use the mobile application, your clues will automatically be submitted.

When is Park Hop?
Park Hop 2023 begins on May 12th. The clues will appear on the mobile app May 12th. You can visit the parks and answer the clues until August 12th at midnight.

How to I collect my prizes?

End of Summer Event (prize pickup) is scheduled for August 26 at the Pavilion. Details to come!

How many parks do I need to visit and answer clues for in order to win a prize?
5+ Parks: Swag Bag
10+ Parks : Swag Bag and tshirt
15+ Parks: Swag Bag, tshirt and extra prizes

Who is eligible to win prizes?
Children under the age of 18 are eligible to win prizes.

I need reminders. Are you on social media? ?
Yes! Join our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I need a little more help. Who can I contact?
Please complete the contact form here and give us up to 48 hours to respond to your questions. We hope you enjoy your Park Hop adventure!